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Less than a month from her 18th birthday, this brace faced teen is still in high school. She wanted to wear a mask to help hide her identity so she wouldn't become the school superstar. She didn't want the attention, and... didn't want her boyfriend to find out. Just wanted all the sexy adventures and the money without any of the drama. Can't blame her.

She's a fun one. On her knees for a very long time, she likes to make herself gag, she even took it too far and lost her lunch but she caught it in her hands so she wouldn't make a mess, that was cute, and how polite of her. BUT she made us promise not to include that in her video. She takes a shot to the mouth even though she's not a big fan of cum, and she gets right back up on all fours to take the cock from behind while she let's the cum drip from her lips.

Perfect skin tone, fantastic big breasts, but even big tits are perky when you're 18.

~60 min.

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